The stone, the Moon and the Stars

Old   Living  at Grandfathers’ house in  MODICA

Promo: “The Stone, the Moon and the Stars”

Two days, one night, in one of the extraordinary housing  unit  of SI-Moutique,a  furrowed  house at Grandfathers’ house.

Breakfast buffet with local products, at the widespread  Museum  “Murika, stories of stone”



Suggestive guided tour, at night, between paths, lanes, slopes and stairways in  the capital  of the County.

“The Stone, the Moon and the Stars”

€ 300.00 *

for two people.

  * Offer subject to availability, valid in June 2015.  Non-erasable, non-editable.

To book:

SI-Moutique- Grandfathers’ house
Via Roma, 53- 97015 Modica
T. +39 0932 948089 -338 4873360

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