Widespread hospitality

The projects  of  the SI-Moutique group come from an interesting cultural ambition: wanting to give dignity to the South eastern part of Sicily a territorial identity , established in historic buildings, with houses designed for  tourist hospitality, evocative and emotional  houses, with a surrounding landscape where there are  architectural, archaeological and ethno-anthropological emergencies  and with a pleasant countryside and  sea coast, where there are  ancient villas, farms and rural  homes.

The widespread houses that belong to the  SI-Moutique’ project, are located in different and unique settings :

The Forefathers’houses  ten house units in the Old Town

Don Nele’s  house, in the countryside of Modica

AnnaMare’s house in Marina di Modica

The Forefathers’ houses in the historical center of Modica

The Forefathers’ houses have got  ten units, of great charm and appeal , in Modica Alta at Consolo , the old neighborhood of Modica. It was  the gateway to the old town with an extreme rock characterization, a few steps from  the 15 century  Convent of Santa Maria  Gesù and next to the medieval Castle of the Counts. The house units  relate to the identification  of the ancient ancestor’s  names  that  lived there over the centuries :the house of Donna Giorgia , the house of Donna Giovanna, the house of Don Nino ,  the house of Don Ignazio, the house of  Donna Peppa,  the house of Donna Nina, the house of Donna Vannuzza,  the house of Don Santo,  the house of Donna Maria,  the house of Don Giorgio.

Don Nele’ s house  in the countryside of Modica

A valued country house in the green countryside of Modica, among  stone walls, olive , lemon , almond,carob trees and prickly pears,   irreplaceable and unique elements  to enjoy  happy moments in contact with nature and not far  from the historical centre,  the seaside  and   archaeological and natural sites of Cava d’Ispica, Vendicari and  the Irminio river.

AnnaMare’s house in Marina di Modica

A ground floor flat  on the coast not far from the seaside between two beaches, Marina di Modica with its white cliffs and Sampieri with its  sand dunes, two typical  features of the southern part of  Sicily. The house is near  FornacePenna, a splendid example of industrial architecture in  contrada Pisciotto , known as the “mannara” in  the television series “Commissario Montalbano”.

The widespread houses are  independent units, restored  by natural and typical materials of local traditions : cotto , lime, cement, stone of Modica, wood, wrought iron. They feature simple and essential furnishings, made up of traditional objects such as the wrought iron as support  for beds, tables and chairs. Where it was necessary  elements were included that historically were not present, ( bedside tables, wardrobes,etc.),they  were handcrafted by recycled elements in common use that intimately combine in form,  colour, ,  touch and smells related to the ‘identity of the place.

For the elements absolutely necessary for contemporary living conditions and not replaced with elements which in the past did not exist or that are not proposed again today, basically health and household appliances, we choose  a minimalist design,  researching  as well as an  essential elegance and an essentially geometric.

The houses are equipped with all the services and comfort (kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioning or fan, tv, internet, etc) are ideal for those who want to spend their holiday in complete freedom. Searching for the identity of the territory and with the aim of capturing symbolically the deeper and ancestral meaning, a most intimate assonance and  the most subliminal evocations that  these places provide us. We wanted to create in every home an original kitchen.

Each house is characterized to have a stonework kitchen  made with materials of the best traditional local crafts, and designed to satisfy  the visitor, the temptation of the throat, that is the need to  taste typical  recipes of the County at home or as to preparing a cup of hot chocolate or herbal , thyme tea.

Some houses have very large areas which are equipped with additional services, thus making  a charming, unique and unrepeatable location.

Shared facilities include a change of linen, cleaning (initial and final) and optional typical breakfast.

Propulsive heart of the project  Moutique and the widespread hospitality, is  the Forefathers’ houses in via  Roma  53  in Modica Alta, an  ancient fortified structure, now a multifunction center with a reception , public areas, info point, wine bar, lounge breakfast room, reading room and tea room…….

Inside there is  the Museum  “Murika, stories of stone” with workshops and school workshops, and the cultural association IngegniCulturaModica managing body of the Museum “Tommaso Campailla” , promoter of events and tourist services and a Service Center with  information bureau  for tourists and visitors.

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