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Our guests, in the explorations around  the village and its surroundings, can make use of the services offered by IngegniCultura, a design studio and engineering services for  and cultural heritage, for many years, of dilvugating the myths, the  history, the archaeological sites,  the beaches, the  natural areas and the most charming places of the  Val di Noto.

Sicily, for its centrality in the Mediterranean Sea, has always been considered the “Island of the Voyage”. The mythical Homeric memories, the Greek classical sublime  places, the presence of interesting natural phenomenas and “exotic” plants, placed  the great Mediterranean island in the context of modern history, at the centre  of cultural interests that reached its peak in the second half of the eighteenth century. In those years it would have  become an important stage for  the Grand Tour’s of artists, architects, amateurs of antiquity, poets, diplomats, but also for young European aristocrats , accompanied by the  “traveling preceptor” who completed their cultural formation in Italy. All of this is included in a treasure chest known as the Travellers’ Museum  in Sicily in  PalazzoloAcreide, a project partner.

  The land ,that inspired Campailla, Quasimodo, Bufalino, and Vittorini, currently opens to the world with all its glory, reborn after the devastating earthquake in 1693, and today, the   Val di Noto is one of the most popular destinations, four percent of the world’s  population dreams to visit the southeast of Sicily and, in particular, the Hyblean province. In Sicily there is always something to discover: a ritual, a taste, a color, a perfume, a sight to be fixed in one’s memory to be taken away.

A great German traveller, August Schneegans, wrote:”In this island, which has no equal  in the globe, you can feel the world’s breathe , more distinctly than elsewhere.”

Who has not seen its landscapes, who has not smelled its perfumes, who has not tasted its gastronomic delights, who does not know of  its culture and its architecture has placed a real limit to their own experience. Here you can discovery a unique melting pot of history and traditions. “Without Sicily, Italy does not form a soul’s  picture; here – Goethe wrote in one  of his trips- is only the key to understanding everything. “

One of the IngegniCultura’s  goals , is the design, management and organization about  of educational , artistic, cultural, natural, gastronomical, and historical itineraries  in the Southeastern Sicily, activating  participating  communitiest, cultural and educational institutions and local associations , in process of research, active use  and promotion of the cultural, tangible heritage, intangible social and environmental heritage, of Southeasten Sicily.

  And it is in this spirit that we offer to our guests itineraries  concerning Hyblean towns, and  small villages  unknown to tourists.

Modica  will be promoted and implemented routes and itineraries aimed to develop the knowledge and understanding about the natural environment, such as the districts of the  Modica countryside through the villas and the farms and  the beautiful beaches of the Hyblean coast of the territorial heritage, in its environmental, historical, cultural, productive and demo-ethno-anthropological aspects, related to the    historical moments of the  capital  of the County: the ancient, the medieval and the Baroque.